website about Grammar Foundational Issues

website about Grammar Foundational Issues

1.Sentences are recursive categories. In other words, one instance of the syntactic category ‘sentence’ can contain another instance of the same category. Provide evidence that noun phrases and prepositional phrases are recursive categories, too. Be careful to give examples that are recursive, and not just ones in which the syntactic category in question occurs more than once. For instance, the sentence below does not provide the evidence required in this exercise, because the second prepositional phrase is not contained in the first. This is clearly shown by the fact that the order of the prepositional phrases can be switched.

The cat jumped [PP onto the table ] [PP without the slightest hesitation

2.Read Chapter 7 from our textbook and a website about Grammar Foundational Issues. Yule, D. (2014). The Study of Language (5th Ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Chapter 7, pp. 79-93)

3.The outcome of Paper:
Recognize and analyze the structures and rules represented in English phrases and sentences
Discuss grammar problems and their related solutions
Prioritize the attention to be given to the various grammar related problems that challenge ESL/EFL students
Evaluate descriptive and prescriptive approaches to grammar

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