Visual Art representation

Topic: Visual Art representation

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1. Question: Conduct a detailed analysis of a single work or set of works by the same artist from the Basil Sellers Art Prize exhibition at the Potter Museum. (750

2. Do use ALL the reading materials I provide in the essay, and the number of external sources (except the readings I provide) can change as you need, but not less

than 3 .
3. If you discuss a YouTube clip, artwork, or performance presented in a lecture or tutorial, please indicate this either in the body of your essay or in a footnote.
4. cite any internet source you use and provide the URL in the bibliography
5. Assessment Criteria Your response, in each instance, should address the identified question or task and, in doing so: 1) Demonstrate your engagement with coursework

material for Representation in 2014. (realism, modernism, postmodernism, ideology, gender and race were discussed in the semester.) 2) Respect the intellectual

property of others by citing sources. 3) Present a clear and coherent response to the question/task.
6. When citing lectures, follow the guidelines as below: Last Name, First name. “Lecture Title.” Place, City. Day Month Year. Please note that the MLA guide stipulates

the following: “You omit the page number if a work lacks a page number.” (Source: Hacker, Diane. A Pocket Style Manual (Fifth Edition). Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s,

2008. Print)


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