Twentieth Century

Twentieth Century

English and Literature
Paper instructions:
The paper is based upon a specific literary time period in BRITISH history. The final presentation will be three to four pages using the MLA style of formatting and citing. Your task is to argue the defining aspects of that particular time period and why those aspects made that period so historical. You MUST choose one of the three major aspects listed, and you may choose up to three of the minor aspects listed. If there is a minor aspect that you have discovered in your research that you feel better represents the time period, then you may use that.
For example, if you decide that the social structure of the Victorian Era defines that time period, you may want to research the fashion and living conditions that exemplify those social classes. OR, you may decide that the Medieval Period is best defined by the government which also encompasses the social structure (feudal system), and is enforced by the technological devlopment of the weaponry and war tactics that were used.
Aspects to Research
Time Period Dates
Anglo Saxon (449 – 1066)
Medieval (1066 – 1485)
English Renaissance (1485 – 1625)
17 th and 18 th Centuries (1625 – 1798) (Restoration/Reformation)
Romantic Period (1798 – 1832)
Victorian Age (1833 – 1901)
Twentieth Century (1901 – Present)

Choose one from this section:
Government (type of, important leaders, laws, and issues)
Social structure (classes of people), Employment (type of work that each class does)
Literature of the period (major authors, works, and styles)
Choose up to three from this section

Educational system and methods
Popular philosophies, ideas
Art (may include music)
Industry (what a nation produces and does) and technology advancements
Military, war, and weapons
Living conditions, types of houses
Public health, medical care and disease
Entertainment and pastimes (may include music)
Religion, religious leaders, and issues
Fashion, including footwear and headwear
Notable women




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