The formation of that religion

The formation of that religion

The ideology and practices of that religion
Any history of persecution against that religion’s followers
Step 1: Read the material you have found during your research process. Read it for content and read it critically, making notes on the key ideas and concepts. Think about the rhetorical situation. Is the author a credible source? Is the information useful to your purpose? Why or why not? Did you learn anything new while reading this material?

Step 2: Prepare to summarize the article in a small paragraph ( 150 words).

Step 3: Format the information and the source in an MLA appropriate style.

Step 4: Place the source information first. For a visual, see the entry below.

Step 5: Double space the entry. Provide your summary of the source. Be sure to correctly paraphrase the information. Hit the key concepts and describe why it’s relevant to your topic. This summary should be in your own words.


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Taoism: An Annotated Bibliography

“Taoism.” BBC News. BBC, 2013. Web. 09 Oct. 2013

-This is where you will include your annotation of the source listed above. It is important you clearly and effectively report the content. Also discuss how useful this information would be in your paper. You will also want to not whether or not you learned anything new from this information.

you must have at least five outside sources
Start with the Religion and Philosophy Collection in the EbscoHost database. See where that takes you. Yahoo also has a pretty extensive database of world religions and links to go along with them. You can find them at Yahoo! Society and Culture>Religion and Spirituality>Faiths and Practices. You can also check out for some good starting points.

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