Terms and services




  • Agreement- Harmony in opinion between two parties
  • Company – a body that link the customers to various research and writing services under a laid out agreement
  • Writer-a person working on a freelance basis for the company to provide research and writing service
  • Customer –a person who obtains a product in terms of his or her requirement and governed by the company agreement
  • Order- it’s a paid service from a customer for given product or service
  • Order status- it’s the order progress
  • Product – is the final result of an order completion
  • Product Revision- a revised product initialized by a customer
  • Support team- part of the company structured to assist and coordinate the order process
  • Quality Assurance Department- part of the company, structured to guard and evaluate the quality of service and product
  • Messaging system- interactive feature for communication between customers and writers
  • Verification process- process for customers to confirm their billing identity to avoid fraud
  • Store credit- money account of clients within the company

Privacy Policy

  • The company does not resell or share customers’ personal details with any third party; all transactions are conducted through a secure and reliable online payment system by Authorize.net.
  • All the verification details such as customer’s name, email address, etc. are deleted from the company database immediately upon completion of customer verification
  • Customer-writer direct contact is prohibited to observe customer safety and confidentiality
  • Customer is prohibited from providing personal information when placing orders such as contact numbers or disclose any identity when communicating with the writers through the message system

Nature of product and terms of usage

  • The Company offers qualified experts for the provision of services provided to the client to assist in the completion of the Customer’s project.
  • The company is not reliable to Customer’s grades as an outcome or consequence of submission of the Product to any academic institution. This Agreement offers the an original work document or service based on the client information.
  • The Company is not responsible for the malfunction due to the improper customer usage of research contained therein.

Order process

  • Placing an order: -the customers should register with a valid email address and phone number to enable easy accessibility, failure to provide factual details will lead to violation of company’s terms and condition of agreement
  • The company cannot work on a project without customer completing the payment; also the company is not responsible for customer late payment.
  • The 5%, 10%, and 15% discount are not applicable to multiple choice questions whereas the client gets discount based on the number of ordered questions
  • Instructions: – Customer’s instructions are followed with total strictness; hence they must be clear and precise. Where Order are not clear, additional information is required. Completed orders’ revision must adhere to requirements and description used initially.

Changes to the Order for revision will be charged as “editing.” before a Writer is assigned to the Customer’s Order full details pertaining the order must be sent.

  • Sources: -the writer can use any reliable source to complete the requested assignment unless the customer decides to be specific of the type of source to be used

Any additional source should be provided within the schedule time frame as below 8 hour to 10 days: – Instructions together with sources must be received within a period of the first 8 hours. 12 hours to 24 hours: Instructions together with and all sources relevant to the client must be received within 1 hour. 12 hour and below: – Instructions together with references must be received in a duration of the first 20 minutes. Matching of academic levels: – the Customer sole responsibility to choose the correct academic level that best fits the required assignment when placing an order, in case of an error from a customer when placing the order, the customer should contact the support team for assistance

  • Checking message system: – The Customer should check messages for any updates from the Support Team or the Writer. And address any questions, concerns or give additional instructions through the message system
  • Refund of services is not rendered in the case of failure or neglect to check the Messaging System by the customer. The Customer may contact the Support Team for assistance or instructions on how to use the messaging system
  • Incorrect Order Placement: – in case of inconsistency of the customer order, it’s the mandate of the company not to resubmit or process the Customer’s Order. Failure to provide the correct description or to choose the wrong Product, deadline extension requests or Writer level upgrade may require additional payments. The Customer will approve any additional charges and request
  • Tracking order Progress:- The Customer should keep in touch with the Support Team and the Writer to monitor Order Progress through their personal account on the website.
  • Order is not paid – the Company works on orders that are paid fully by the customers Research has been started – Order payment complete and available for the qualified Writer Preparing – a Writer has been assigned to work on the Order. Order is completed. Download – the Product is complete and uploaded for the Customer’s review and download.
  • Order is returned for revision – Writer is revising the Product according to Customer’s instructions. Hold – the customer is advised to visit the Messaging System or support team since the Support Team retains the order, and the Writer has temporarily stopped working on it.
  • Canceled – the Order is revoked.

No draft is permitted to orders with an urgency of 3 to 48hrs

  • Preferred Writer: – the Customer can request for a preferred Writer to be assigned to an Order. However, the company can decline the offer following the Writer’s history and records of performance. If the Customer insists on chosen Writer, the Company will not be responsible for the failure and no refund will be guaranteed.

Delivery and download policy

  • The Company is not liable or even responsible for delivery problem resulting from spam filters, or personal negligence in providing correct email, and lack of or poor internet access or general neglect, among others.
  • The Company is determined to meet the Customer’s needs by maintaining up-to-date software and a 24hr support team in case of a problem with delivery of orders. Therefore, the customers are requested to provide valid information to avoid complications

Verification process The Company is obliged to protect the credit card holder along with merchant providers and banks. No delivery are made in the handwritten signature. The Company reserves the right to request the Customer to provide: photocopy of Customer’s credit card (the digits or numbers may be covered except the last 4) photocopy of Customer’s Passport (or visa copy for international students) photocopy of Customer’s official ID (Driver’s License or other government issued ID) authorization code from Customer’s bank.

  • Scan the documents with a digital camera or phone camera. The Verification documents are not shared with any third parties. No files and documents that are sent for verification are stored as they are trashed once Verification is completed for customer security.
  • All fraud related to unauthorized credit cards are reported to relevant authorities for further investigations.


  • In case, there is a lack of communication or cooperation from the Customer the company is reserved to cancel the payment of order since that affects Order completion. And no reimbursement will be made by the company.

Revision Policy

  • The company offers free revision policy to the customer to ensure maximum satisfaction. Revisions are requested within fourteen days after order completion for short assignment and thirty days for larger jobs like dissertations. In case Customer has missed the policy deadline, a fee is levied for any revision requested.
  • Quality Assurance Department of the Company limits the number of revisions requests to avoid taking advantage of Writer and abuse of revision option.
  • In case of revision request violation, the Quality Assurance Department can decline the revision. Free revisions are offered to those that meet the required company policies.


  • The Product ordered originality and timely delivery is Company’s priority. Orders are checked plagiarism by advanced anti-plagiarism software to ensure 100% originality. The Company does not tolerate plagiarism.
  • Editing, proofreading or formatting will not be guaranteed to be plagiarism free. No scanning of plagiarism for Papers and materials that are not written or made by the Company. No refund is allocated for proofreading, or formatted paper Product is considered to be plagiarized.

If the Customer needs to cancel an Order, it may be made at any time prior to the completion of the Order.

  • Order Messaging System or e-mailing the Support Team should be used to address any refund or order cancellation. The Customer may request for a full refund in case of partial or satisfaction of the product.
  • Strong reasons must be provided by the customer in the event of refund due to the bad quality of the product, and examples to back up the claim for refund. The Company can also ask for additional materials or evidence to support the request only after violations evidence is provided, will the request for refund be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department (Q.A.D) for further investigation and refund request approval. Please note that. A.D. reserves the right to decline refund inquiry if required information or documents are not provided when the application is made.

After seventy-two (72) hours, no refund will be accepted by the company after Order is completed.

  • The Writer is solely responsible for authorship of the Product in case of full refund is issued. And has an obligation to resell or distribute the product it to other. The Customer should not use the Product for whatever purpose.
  • The Company is not reliable for Customer failure to learn the material covered by the Product. Also, for improper usage of research, contained therein and no refund in case the Customer receives a failing grade. For more details see Section 2.1.
  • Store Credits issued will be debited in case they are unused for 365 calendar days fund will be withdrawn from the Customers’ account and stopped from use.
  • The Company will contact the Customers by email in regards to services, discounts, and special offers that the Company may find useful for the Customers.
  • Short Message Service (SMS) Alerts allow the Customers to receive alerts on their mobile phones in the form of an SMS. The Customer agrees to receive alerts and updates from the Company through mobile phones. The Company can modify any SMS Alerts at any time without approval of the Customer that may include special offers and discounts. The Company will not handle any additional charges for the Company SMS Alerts that may be charged to the Customer by the mobile service provider.

Weaver of Breach

  • The Company accepts no form of a waiver efforts of assistances in this Agreement are taken and construed as cumulative; any additional support is by law
  • In case the Company fails to insist on performance of the terms and conditions of Agreement is based on a waiver of the rights or remedies that the regarding the Company at given period only, and shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach of default in any terms and conditions.


  • The Company can modify, revise and amend or change any form of this Agreement. The Customer’s contracts are held by any modification, amendment, and revision or changes as dictated by the agreement and continued offering of services by the Company. Th customer is recommended to review the Agreement for any alteration given that changes are indicated in the company website from time to time.

Miscellaneous Provision

  • Entire Agreement :– This is the complete stipulations between the Customer and the Company agreement, and no statements, promises, or inducements between the two parties are inconsistent here thus are not bidding or valid without express authorization
  • There is no be enlarged, modified, or altered by the agreement only if the parties sign and endorse the agreement. Also, all earlier forms of representations, agreements, and communications are superseded by the agreement between the Customer and the Company whether they were a verb of written.
  • Severability :- Customer accepts in the case of the agreement held illegally by the courts or against the law the validity of the remaining portions or provisions validity shall not be affected. And the rights and obligations in regards to the customer hereby will be enforced constructed as if the Agreement lacked particular part, term, or provision that are considered to be valid
  • Law Governing: – both parties mutually should agree that the laws shall govern this Agreement at its interpretation and performance considerate to the locality of the company business
  • Place of Suit: – all judicial proceeding and actions geared at enforcing this Agreement are held ate the company principal place of business.


  • At cheapcustomwriting.com, we communicate to our customer the key ways in which we use the information to protect customer privacy. It is mandatory to be acquitted to the privacy and policy of the organization before using the site

We collect information that you provide your personally identifies those that does not notify you.

The Unites States is reliable for conveying, holding and processing of this information

  • We may on occasion, disclose this information to authorized third parties including our merchants, advertising and promotional partners and third-party for the purpose of this service
  • The company works with permit advertising network to protected the use of cookies by collecting anonymous information concerning the client and promote the company.
  • We Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software is used to encrypt information and take practical security measures to safeguard information;

Personal identification information

  • It includes personal details that identify a person, and it is collected when you choose to sign up with the company or participate in our site through survey, review or promotion
  • PII entails information like name, email address, credit card number and phone number also demographic information age, gender, etc. are used

Non-Personal identification information

  • Non-PII information is collected when accessing company’s Sites
  • Information collect are IP addresses and your browser inform, ISP, and the operating system the frequent web pages, and the duration of your visits.

How information is used and shared

  • PII and Non-PII information are useful for our Sites and Services improvement and help fulfill your requests, as well as respond to your inquiries.

It contributes to serving you and understand your requirement and needs. PII and Non-PII are disclosed to:-

  • The company third-party service providers.
  • The chief company, subsidiaries associated companies for marketing and operational and promotion services
  • To Co-promotional companies, we have partner with or another form of relationships
  • Other users that you make the choice to post reviews, comments, or any other information relating to products or services publicly.

Security Information

  • The SSL software is used to safeguard your information during transmission that encrypts information details you use.

Secure server hosting location are also used in the firewall protection of US, controlled access together with technology to secure information

  • No guarantee or warrant is made to assure the security of information you submit online, and we are not reliable or responsible for theft or inadvertent of your PII disclosure PII. In lieu of compromisation of your PII, you will be notified via email address you provided

delays might occur while taking measure in determining the scope of breach and when restoring the integrity system and law enforcement legitimacy in case of a criminal investigation

Your options and Opt-outs

  • Registered essaysforstudent.net members have access to customer account section including features like registration information enable for update and correction of relevant information you free will
  • Members can delete their membership account. However, certain information in limited circumstances are retained by the company like troubleshooting, resolve disputes.
  • Not all information that is provided is completely deleted from our databases due to technical and certain legal constraints in the system.
  • You have different choices regarding how the company use information about its members, including sign out our email distributions, contact us by clicking choose not to get any marketing information button. You also have the choice to change your information from your individual account


  • The company Sites and Services has age limitation as children under 13 are restricted from and submitting any PII to the company. Also, those under 18 years should only use essaysforstudent.net provide information with the guidance and permission of a parent or guardian.


  • At essaysforstudent.net, we reserve any the right and obligation to make changes in the company Privacy Policy to identify with the changing business activities. Upon occurrence and implementation of any changes
  • notice is provided any such changes by posting the new policy on our Sites or via the email address in case of material changes

Sole state

  • This Privacy Policy and the company’s Terms of Use both as indicated on our Websites and our Services contain relevant material terms regarding your use of our Websites and Services.
  • No summary, modification, restatement or another statement policy version is valid unless the company post it in their website and services