Sustainability and Social Capital Essay

Sustainability and Social Capital Essay

Detailed Instructions and Reference Material with be provided as an attached sent through document.

The article should be 900 – 1,200 words long. (Reference and in-text citations are not included in the word count).

Your essay should address questions and issues relevant to a selected topic related to the learning materials or discussions.

(Lesson 3 – Aligning Business Technology and Society – Ethics. [See the selected exerts from lesson material and lesson question/s response/s and discussion notes at the end of this document for

essay subject theme])

The content of the article should be meaningful, informative and relevant.

Arguments made must be supported by reasonable evidence, logic, and references.

Present a good argument.

The following articles should form a basis and inspiration for your essay; then relate them to your Lesson 3 material on Ethics and Social Capital.

1. How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work
Duhigg, C & Bradsher, K
New York Times, Jan 21, 2014 class.html?_r=1&&pagewanted=al

2. Evaluating offshore and domestic production in the apparel industry: The small firm’s perspective
Leo Paul Dana & Robert T. Hamilton & Brooke Pauwels
Journal of International Entrepreneurship (2007) 5:47 %20production%20with%20Bob%20Hamilton.pdf

3. James Kunstler: How bad architecture wrecked cities

4. Woolcock, M, 2001 ‘The Place of Social Capital in Understanding Social and Economic Outcomes. Development Research Group’, The World Bank and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard


In your essay draw on the theories and ideas presented in the lesson notes (see the end of this document) as well as related to those notes based on your research.

It is recommended that you consider the implications of your topic area in relation to social capital building drawing on the following conception of social capital:

“The broadest and most encompassing view of social capital includes the social and political environment that shapes social structure and enables norms to develop. This analysis extends the

importance of social capital to the most formalized institutional relationships and structures, such as government, the political regime, the rule of law, the court system, and civil and political

liberties. This view not only accounts for the virtues and vices of social capital, and the importance of forging ties within and across communities, but recognizes that the capacity of various

social groups to act in their interest depends crucially on the support (or lack thereof) that they receive from the state as well as the private sector. Similarly, the state depends on social

stability and widespread popular support. In short, economic and social development thrives when representatives of the state, the corporate sector, and civil society create forums in and

through which they can identify and pursue common goals”,

Your article should indicate either a breadth of knowledge or a depth of knowledge.

Evidence of reading beyond the course materials will be rewarded if included in the article in appropriate and enhancing ways.

Your article should be written in Standard English avoid technical language as much as possible, or explaining such language. It should be easy to read and understand and well structured.

Correct and appropriate words, spelling and grammar are expected.

The article should make use of in-text citations and a reference list. Citations are expected in support of your discussions and citations must be made to one or more appropriate sources.

Citations and references should be presented using the Harvard Referencing Style. Refer to the Swinburne Library’s Harvard Style Guide for information about this.

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