Sunni and Shia groups

Sunni and Shia groups
i) Definitions of Sunni and Shia groups
ii) Provision of statistics and demographic data concerning the two groups
iii) Geographical distribution of the two groups
Purpose of the Research
i) Brief description of the purpose of what the research paper is discussing (why the Sunni and Shia groups should be considered as ethnic groups)
ii) Discussions and definitions of what constitute an ethnic group.
iii) A brief relation of how the characteristics depicted by the two groups depict ethnicity and therefore qualify them to be referred to as ethnic groups.
Discussion of the Subject Matter
i) A brief overview of facts and historical occurrences that led to the rise of the Sunni and Shia Muslim groups.
ii) A review of related literature serving to ascertain the points made above regarding the two Muslim groups.
iii) In depth exposition of each particular characteristic that is present within the Sunni group, right from their geographical distribution, shared language and cultural practices amongst others, with particular importance being attached to religious beliefs and practices.
iv) An in depth exploration of the particular characteristics identified above, amongst the Shia Muslim group. These characteristics similar to those of the Sunni group will include: geographical distribution, shared language and cultural practices, as well as others, especially religious beliefs and practices.
v) An in depth discussion of how these characteristics fall in line with the requirements for a group to be considered as an ethnic group. Qualifications and evidence pointing to exactly why the two groups qualify as ethnic groups.
i) A conclusion containing a restatement of the thesis as well as of the facts surrounding the matter of whether or not the Sunni and Shia groups can be described as ethnic groups.
ii) This will then be followed by a discussion of the significance of the findings for the field of science.
iii) A mention of potential areas for further research will then be made to encourage further exploration of the matter of the Sunni and Shia groups.
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