summary of Kelly’s essay,

summary of Kelly’s essay,

In the first paragraph (introduction), introduce the writer, state the title of the essay, briefly give basic information about the author (not more than a sentence — see bio of Kelly on first page of his essay in the PDF), and give a brief summary statement of Kelly’s essay (one sentence). At this point you will not include a statement of your own thesis (or “I say”). Note: Kevin Kelly identifies as a man (he, his, him).

  • In the second paragraph, give a more developed summary of Kelly’s essay, making sure that you inhabit the worldview of the author (play the “believing game”). Use at least 3 verbs from the list on pages 40-41 and highlight them (bold) in your text. Make sure you are using those verbs correctly; when in doubt, always use a dictionary. Make sure you quote correctly and appropriately. Make sure you review “Overview of Major Writing Project 1” to make sure you’re including everything you need in your summary.
  • Please double space your document.

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