Strategies for responsible business

Strategies for responsible business
Instructions to Students

As explained at the start of the academic year, your achievement of the learning outcomes for this unit (see below) will be assessed via an individual essay assignment of 4,000 words in length. To pass the unit you must achieve an overall mark of at least 50%

1. Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:

• Appraise the relevance of analytical models and techniques to the practice of strategy formulation and implementation;

• Demonstrate skills of analysis, criticism and synthesis in applying the analytical concepts and techniques of strategy;

• Research key issues relevant to the theory and practice of strategy and communicate complex arguments effectively to third parties;

• Critically evaluate academic and prescriptive contributions to the area of management strategy;

• Synthesise and defend their resolutions of strategy tensions and paradoxes.
When submitting your assignment please make sure that you get a receipt from one of the Faculty’s administrative staff confirming it has been received from you on time. You must also ensure that the frontispiece of your assignment indicates each of the following:

• The name and code of the unit;
• Your full name and enrolment number;
• The name and code of the course award on which you are enrolled;
• The full title of the question answered should also be quoted on the first page of your assignment
• The name of your seminar tutor.

3. Word limit:

Your answer should be approximately 4000words in length (+/- 10%). Whilst you should ensure that the substantive content of your analysis and arguments are contained in the body of your answer, you may make use of appendices providing that they do not exceed a further 1200 words in total. However, if you do make use of appendices, you will only be given credit if the material contained in them is clearly essential to supporting and developing the line of argument in the body of your assignment. The use of purely descriptive material in either the body of your assignment or appendices will not be given any credit in the assessment process.

Individual essay assignment title:

A number of strategic management theorists argue that, for an organisation to be continuously successful the most important requirement for it is to develop an understanding of the strategic implications of CSR.

“Companies engage in CSR because, for a number of reasons, they think it will be good for their profit margins” Critically discuss this view of Corporate Social Responsibility using relevant literature to support your arguments and analysis.

Build your critique around theoretical perspectives, frameworks and propositions. Illustrate your discussion with relevant organisational examples, that critically analyse the approaches that can be adopted by an organisation

General comments on presentation of individual essay assignments:

Your work must provide a detailed list of cited reference sources that is consistent and follows standard referencing conventions. Use of the Harvard author, date system is recommended

Note: If you make use of any of the material published on any of the Notice Boards on the University’s blackboard system their source must be acknowledged. If you make use of any of the diagrammatic material available on the Notice Board for this unit, please ensure that you modify/adapt it to make it of specific relevance to the context of the argument/discussion in your assignment. No credit will be given for the mere copying of such material.
part from the basic considerations of legibility, grammar, structure and presentation, emphasis in assessing your written work at final degree level will be placed on your demonstration of:

1 Evidence of information gathering/research.
2. Evidence of analysis and an understanding of the issues involved.
3. Logical development of analysis and arguments that are supported with academic and practical evidence.
4. Originality of analysis and conclusions derived.
5. A structured framework for your assignment, which references relevant existing research, themes and propositions.
6. A clear and concise summary of the work and conclusions reached from your analysis/discussion.
Marking Guide

To pass the unit you must achieve an overall mark of at least 50%

This scheme is a guide only and should not detract from the Lecturer’s own judgement.

A good report will contain the following elements:

• Clear aims and objectives and methodology
• Well structured and presented in a report format
• Evidence of a range of secondary research using texts, journals, magazines, newspapers, and computer based information sources
• Be critical and analytical
• Offer alternative original opinions
• Illustrated issues with real life examples, as well as a clear focus on a particular operation within an organisation

• Explore the reasons why organisations engage in CSR.
• How do organisations engage? Explore various methodologies
• CSR and the relationship to the generic strategies
• Exploration of the notion of necessity or choice, analyse the strategic issues associated with adopting this strategy.
• Identify key associated frameworks or tools, such as core competencies, culture, generic strategies.
• Define CSR, explore the major academic contributors

Also, a clear definition of CSR will highlight the student’s appreciation of the issues. Clear identification and some resolution of some of the factors creating pressure for engagement with CSR, change and continuous improvement will need to be discussed.

With regard to advantage and disadvantage of CSR, the student should discuss practical examples and implications and how they link to relevant theoretical considerations. The discussion should also consider the selection of CSR implementation strategies and realisation of the resistance and barriers to introducing them within an organisation.
The consideration of the softer issues associated with CSR, such as communication, mutual decision-making, and shared vision are equally important. Also there needs to be some consideration of the influence of mission and objectives.



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