Statistics are everywher

Statistics are everywhere

Technology has enabled us to measure, collect, collate and display like never before. Throughout the media we are presented with numbers, tables and graphs used (rightly or wrongly) to substantiate arguments. Whatever our field or profession, evaluating the worth of the statistical information presented to justify an argument is an important skill.
Purpose: To find and evaluate a media application of statistics
Task: Find a media resource (newspaper, webpage, YouTube etc) which uses statistics (percentages, tables, graphs etc) to support an argument. Post your example accompanied by the following information:
•    Source, author and date
•    What data was collected, who from, by whom?
•    What is the intended population?
•    What is the potential for bias?
•    What is the conclusion?
•    What other information would be useful?
•    Is the conclusion valid?
Interact/Respond: Comment on another person’s posting. Has their analysis influenced your response to the media piece?
Time / Length: 60 minutes, and 150 words to be completed by end of Week 1

The storage of spent nuclear radiation fuel bundles

The storage of spent nuclear radiation fuel bundles is a pressing ecological problem for which there is no current solution that would satisfy all societal stakeholders. That solution may come one day. For example, it has been suggested that we load the nasty material onto a rocket and send the rocket off to the Sun. The Sun would never notice a smidgen of radiation leftovers and we would have solved a potentially devastating earthly problem. If we were to find such a solution or a similar one, there would be the difficult problem of locating all of the stored material in North America (NA), as the burial of
spent waste is controlled by many separate, unconnected agencies. If there were a central repository containing the location and amount stored for all nuclear burial sites, finding the spent fuel would be a relatively simple operation. The goal of SPENTFUEL then is to build this database.

SPENTFUEL formally, is a nuclear engineering software project to develop a database to record the location, agency in charge, burial details and amounts, of all of the spent radiation burials in NA. This database would be accessible to all nuclear plants in NA and of course, to appropriate regulatory officials. The idea is that if we ever find a permanent solution to the problem, all of the spent radiation could be collected and disposed of. SPENTFUEL will tell us where they are located. You have just been appointed Project Manager (PM) to write the Project Management Plan (PMP) for SPENTFUEL. Throughout the  course, we will use SPENTFUEL to illustrate project management subphase construction details, paving the way to constructing a complete Project Plan by the end of the course.

Suppose that you (as PM) are writing the project plan for SPENTFUEL, a nuclear engineering project to develop the software to manage the new disposal system for radioactive waste. Assume that you work for Wastes-R-US, a typical old-fashion company run by a nest of PHBs. Write and present the Charter for SPENTFUEL.

Assume that the funding for the project comes from OPG. Assume also that the approximate costs are about $1,000,000 and the length about 18 months. Assume anything else you like but the actual details we cannot fill in until the detailed WBS is done.
Try to scope the Charter to at most 6 pages. Remember we are interested in the management structure of the project, not the details of delivery. You also want to protect yourself from unfair interference from your PHB. Here is a possible TOC.

1.    General requirements
2.    Business alignment
3.    Project purpose or justification
4.    Assigned PM and authority
5.    Summary milestones
6.    Summary budget
7.    Stakeholders
8.    Functional organizations and their influence
9.    Constraints and assumptions
10.    Business case
11.    The PM’s rights and obligations

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