Sex, violence and transgression

Sex, violence and transgression

1. “We do not have a language to represent female killing”. Discuss common tropes deployed to explain away female violence, with reference to at

least one representation (e.g. film, media-based and so on). Discuss how a woman’s criminality is often defined in terms of her deviance from norms

of white, heterosexual, middle-class femininity.

2. Historical discourses on childhood have influenced the way we think of children as both ‘at risk and in need of protection’ and ‘a risk to

themselves’. Discuss with reference to at least one controversy relating to childhood sexuality (e.g. sexualisation of girls debates, art/porn

censorship debates, child sex offending etc.)

3. The generic conventions of horror reflect and/or resolve social anxieties of the time. Discuss with reference to a film that challenges our

understanding of the affective relation between the ‘monstrous’ and the spectator.

4. A contemporary preoccupation with suffering as ‘catastrophe’ has contributed to Western cultures like Australia turning a blind eye to state

killing and process of ‘letting die’. Discuss with reference to neoliberal discourses and/or policies relating to ‘responsibilisation’ and welfare.

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