Scratch’ Data structures – create projects using lists

Scratch’ Data structures – create projects using lists
Project description
Data structures in ‘Scratch’ ( are very basic. Apart from variables there is another structure called the “list” which is really is a table in which elements can be stored.
We will have a list to contain the data and another list to contain the result.

Many Scratch users share their projects on Scratch website at

One application shared by a Scratch user records the mouse movements and plays them back. The project is at
The mouse movement is recorded by keeping the series of mouse positions in two lists: one for X values and one for Y values. Download that project and look at its operation.

Another user has created a new project (named MouseRecoderWithMusicTranslation) that makes music based on the X and Y values:
The pitch and volume of the music is derived from the X and Y values.

You are required to:
1. modify either of those projects and create one or more additional lists that use the X and Y values. Provide a small write up describing additional lists and what these do.

2. Use your imagination to create a new Scratch project. The only requirements is to
create one or more lists of your own that use the values in the X and Y lists.
Use/populate your new list(s) in your Scratch project. Write a small description of the project and how it works

The deliverables expected are:
a. the 2 x modified ‘.SB2′ files and a couple of sentences describing the lists used for pt 1 above
b. The ‘.SB2′ file of the new project highlighted in 2 above together with a small description write up of the project.

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