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Science110 Newsletter
Students shall create their own educational/informative newsletter and share it with 3 non-course related readers.

Students will create a document, which informs and enlightens readers on different issues of Science, preferably related to the content covered in our course.
(Word has numerous standard newsletter templates to assist you)
The newsletter shall include at least 6 sections about the following subjects:

A section on Science and Religion
A section on History of Science
A section on First Scientists
A section on Philosophical foundation in science
A section about Ethics in Science
“my corner” “my side” “my thoughts” – in a short essay, giving the reader a bit of personal advice on a subject related to something you have learned in this course.

Sections can be presented in different formats: i.e. pictures, a story, infographic, interview, article, informational, educational piece, article re-cap, quiz, history note, “did you know?” current event, local event, class, statistics, etc… You must present your sections using at least 4 different formats (you can’t use 6 articles, or 6 events, or 6 jokes, etc…)
Each newsletter shall include all the components outlined above and should be at least 3 pages plus the references page.
Feel free to be creative and have fun with the assignment. Include all references and citations on your reference page. (Failure to include any of these standards shall result in a reduction of points)
Required Technical Elements:

Title(s) using display typefaces
Columns – at least 2
Images (pictures, graphics, clip art) – at least 3
Typefaces limited to 3
Varying font sizes and styles
At least 2 pages

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