Science in Criminal Justice

Science in Criminal Justice

Please answer each question (5) 150-250 words per question.
1. How will the MS degree in Criminal Justice help you achieve your personal, vocational, and or educational goals?
(Consider how will this degree advance your personal, vocational, and educational interests? Why do you want to earn this particular graduate degree? Is the anticipated average time of completing the program {2-3 years} appropriate for your goals?)

2. What is your preparedness for, and understanding of graduate-level study in Criminal Justice?
(Consider: what is your understanding of graduate level study and how it different from undergraduate? How has your undergraduate degree prepared you for this program?)

3. What concentration are you planning to pursue and why?
(Please provide some information about why you are interested in the concentration you have selected? Have you already taken classes, studied independently, or have professional experience within this area?)

4. What is your experience in, and/ or aptitude for completing academic work at a distance?
(Consider: have you taken online courses or pursued independent study? How do you study and learn outside of a traditional classroom setting? Do you foresee any challenges to completing your degree online?)

5. What special abilities, qualities of life experiences will you bring to the program?

The following criteria will guide the admissions committee will guide the admissions committee in its assessment of your essay.

1. Is the MS in Criminal justice appropriate for your professional and personal goals?
2. Do you demonstrate the necessary writing skills, motivation, academic, preparation, and intellectual maturity to succeed in the program?
3. Are you capable of successfully completing the program?


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