Rush Limbaugh – Traitor or Dissenter

tion where they appear. This is an essential requirement to avoid the Fallacy of Four
Terms, the first of the Six Rules. Take a look and see that ‘wishing’ something and
‘stating’ something are two different categories of being.
In the CESARE all you need in the minor premise is to claim that all members of
the category, Rush Limbaugh are persons expressing dissenting views. Save the rest
of narrative in your papers later
If these defects were fixed then they would in fact be valid BARBARA and CESARE
with proper mood, figure, Latin name and Venn diagram
Score = 70/100
Essay #2
Figure and Mood: BARBARA, AAA1
P = Major term = American
S = Minor term = Rush Limbaugh, states that he wishes the
American President Obama would fail along with many other
dissenting statements
M = Middle term =
Americans that wish President Obama to
All Americans that wish the President Obama to fail are traitors to the American government.
All members of the category Rush Limbaugh are persons that have stated they want American
President Obama to fail along with many other dissenting statements.
Therefore, all members of the category Rush Limbaugh are members of the category of Ameri

can traitors.

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