Reynolds Resplys

Reynolds Resplys

Social Media Use in the Fire Department

City of Buffalo, Ny Fire Department

Michael Reynolds PSAD 495


The lack of a comprehensive social media program contributes to overall poor communication with other stakeholders

No social media presence

The department’s brand in under developed as a result

Social media policy


Quality communication improves the relations ship between the department and stakeholders

Stakeholders include the residents, visitors to the city and members of the department.

Traditional communication relied on press relased through mediums such as television and radio

Social media

Social media is a new mode of communicating with outside individuals and organizations

2018 PEW research found only 18% of 18-29 year old’s received their news from local television

The use of social media by department members reflects back on the department.

Building a Brand

Social media posts allow stakeholders to see the department in situations other than during calls for service

Social media platforms have a greater reach than local television, radios and newspapers

A well defined brand has far reaching positive effects including a broadened recruitment pool, public goodwill and political capital for civilian leadership.

Social Media Policy

Outlines acceptable behavior for social media posts be employees

Outlines potential discipline to be administered to all employees

Outlines legal reference for the policy

Establishes guidance for official social media posts by the department


Other City of Buffalo agencies operate social media pages

Choice to not operate social media pages does a disservice to the department

A comprehensive social media policy enhances the operation of the department (situational awareness, public support,)

Public Safety Core concepts

Interagency Outreach- Emergency Management, City Government)

Teamwork Departmental- Division Chiefs and development committee members

Ethics- Development of policy for acceptable official posts

Decision Making Process- PSA is most likely not a subject matter expert and must rely on subordinates


Create a social media presence on established platforms

Create a unique social media application (app)

Select option which would ensure a quality product within the restraints of the department


Social media use is common place in today’s society

A lack of a comprehensive social media program is a detriment to the department

The development and implementation of a comprehensive program would benefit the department’s employees, managers and the residents and vistors of Buffalo


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