Review of small scale residential solar including battery storage in Australia: technologies and benefits

Topic: Review of small scale residential solar including battery storage in Australia: technologies and benefits

Please Read carefully the structure before you start and also make sure you use many tables, graphs and charts and pictures.
Review of small scale residential solar including battery storage in Australia: technologies and benefits

Mark Criteria:

1.    The title accurately reflects the purpose of the research project in discipline specific terms. The lay title precisely indicates the purpose of the research project without the use of obscure discipline specific terms

2.    Lay Description (200 words)
Mark Criteria: The lay description provides a clear and structured summary of the proposed research project. It is very well written with no errors and with absolutely no use of discipline specific terms. The description enthuses the reader about the phenomena being investigated and why it is of importance to the community

3.    Aims & Objectives (400 words)
The aims of the project are clearly stated and highly relevant to the research topic. The aims indicate experimental processes that are measurable or methods that are achievable. The objectives provide a lucid, well written description of how the goals will be obtained. The goals are achievable in the time allowed.

4.    Significance (400 words)
The dissertation design project clearly describes the nature and extent of original contribution to the field of knowledge. It is very well written with no errors. The author draws on related information to reach valid informed conclusions.

5.    Background/Literature Review (2000 words)
Demonstrates an exceptional ability to identify key items in the literature, to compare, contrast and critically review them. There is an appreciation of the relationships between current and previous research and its position to the wider field of knowledge. The theoretical framework underpinning the research is clear and gaps in the literature identified and discussed. The review is very well organized and thorough. The review has provided appropriate diagrams and used subheadings to help identify the reviews theoretical directions. It has been written with no errors and appropriate discipline specific language has been implemented. All relevant aspects of the project have been reviewed.

6.    Proposed Research Design (1000 words)
The techniques to be implemented are directly related to the stated aims of the research project.
The selection of techniques is satisfactory and well described. Given the facilities available, the methods of investigation describe the best possible techniques to gather data or information. The design has indicated the order of experiments or protocols and considered the control groups, vehicles and standards required as applicable. This study can be completed well within the timeframe of a year. Where applicable the limitations of the study are recognized and stated. Evidence is displayed of an exceptional ability to identify and maximize the potential of gathering relevant data/information. For a project using quantitative research the statistical tests relevant to this study have been described and are correct.

7.    References; Please check formatting requirements for your School
Mark Criteria: The reference material is very relevant and pertinent to research topic. Highly consistent formatting and style throughout the text and bibliography. All references in the bibliography are accurate and have been cited in the text. All sources of information in the text have been acknowledged. There is clear evidence of an ability to search and locate resources.

1.    Abstract
2.    Introduction
3.    Aims and objectives
4.    Literature Review (2000 words)
5.    Research Questions
6.    Research Hypothesis
7.    Research Methodology
8.    Outcome Expected
9.    Recommendation
10.    Conclusion


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