Critical thinking and Literature Group

Critical thinking and Literature Group
Critical thinking methodology has been embraced in many educational programs and has gone a long way to assisting students to participate in the democratic society. Though there have been several debates as to whether critical thinking should actually be taught in schools, I do feel that the subject has assisted me in multiple ways specifically, in thinking independently, ability to analyze situation and being able to solve complex problems. However, after the class activities on writing critical thinking questions and literature reports I noted that there were several strengths and weaknesses to my reports.
To begin with, all my reports both the critical thinking reports and literature reports that required group participation had the six main qualities of a good report. These six qualities are the determiners of the reports strengths. The six qualities include: interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation and besides self regulation. However, it how well a student or a writer focuses on these concepts that the strength of the report is determined. After a thorough analysis of the reports I noted these are sections that have collect mastered with the help of this unit. To better achieve these the unit teaching on proper planning before any writing is done followed by collecting, analyzing, and organizing information are some of the main factors that I ensured have adhered to in strengthening my reports. These aspects went hand in had with embracing good communication with the help of technology that is available in the school and good team work. However, I also noted some great weakness in my reports specifically the literature reports. The main weaknesses in my reports are in analysis and evaluation. For instance, my reports had several instances lack of connection of ideas or poor coherence and secondly there no sources or lack of proper credible reference in some sections. After proper understanding of the topic I also noted that I did leave out some important information that should have been included in the reports.
However, even with the multiple strengths and weaknesses of the critical thinking questions and literature reports, I noted some great things about my reports. It is from these reports that I can confidently participate in the democratic society without doubt. Because I know that the unit has sufficiently taught me the necessary critical thinking skills through problem based learning, inquiry learning, self regulated learning and assessment. What I like best about my reports is the ability to integrate affective strategies, macro and micro cognitive abilities. For instance, my works are able to clarifying issues, make good conclusions and beliefs. I did achieve this by developing criteria for evaluation before any writing could begin and this also went hand in hand with generating and proper assessment of solutions and this well evidenced by my reports.
The course and the practical work involved in the learning encouraged me to make persistent effort to examine a situation or an issue to be able to attain required knowledge using available evidence before making any conclusions. I can confidently say that the course has made me to think critically at all times. This is so because of the great abilities that the course builds on the learner. For instance; critical thinking helps a person to recognize a problem, have the ability of finding a workable solution, need to gather pertinent information, comprehend, interpret and draw conclusions. In addition, I also did learn that it is essential to appraise evidence on possible solutions before drawing conclusions and this can be done through generating tests analyzing existing patterns from experiences.

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