purchasing an adequate PC for start-up restaurant business

purchasing an adequate PC for start-up restaurant business
It has to be APA format and address all the owners needs:

1. Hardward: What items of hareware (computer, laptop, tablet device, telephone,etc.) should Bill purchase. For items like a computer, include minimum specifications for all major internal components. Justify the need for any major hardware items recommended.
2. Operating System: With the recommended hardware, wht operating system choices are available and which would be best? Why?
3. Other Technologies: Include the details on any peripheral devices and technologies that you propose (“The Cloud”, mobile computng devices, Bluetooth, wireless networking, etc.) and exlan how they fit into the business plan.
4. Software & Training: List the software applications that should be purchased. Include the training courses that Bill should attend to gain basic skills in the software packaes you recommend.
5. Cost: Provide Bill with an esitmated cost for him to implement all of your suggestions

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