Public Health Leadership and Crisis Management

The journal should includes student’s reflections on the relevance and significance of the leadership concepts and the skills and competencies that are mentioned in the literature and discussed in the class room as required to be an effective leader for public health program and health systems. The students should write this journal on a daily basis,which should be as below:

Paragraph 1
leadership and management in public health during disaster management.
what is the difference between them from real life

Paragraph 2
leadership principles, competencies and qualities with example( famous person with leadership skills and describe it)

Paragraph 3
leadership as a master networker
networking and communication in public health ( local and global)

Paragraph 4
ability of leader to work outside comfort zone with examples

Paragraph 5
crisis opportunities with examples from public health field

Paragraph 6
leader skills in press conferences after crisis with examples describe it
• express empathy -humor- Paternalistic attitudes- honesty and openness – accountability

Paragraph 7
classic and matrix theory in leadership, organizational theory

Paragraph 8
leadership in mass gathering with example

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