Public Communication Campaign

a) 14-16 pages Term Paper (Abstract & References are separate pages

b) 4-6 pages Opinion Only Paper

Term Paper Instructions
Read this very carefully and follow the instructions.

You are going to write a 14-16 page term paper in this class. Start immediately. The discussion posts are meant to help you with this process.
Part II of this paper is your final exam, so read it carefully. I will explain more about this after explaining your term paper assignment.
Term Paper Instructions

1. The paper will be in APA format. You will write an abstract and a References page. The abstract and the References page are EXTRA pages and do not count toward the

introduction, body, and conclusion pages and the page requirement of 16-18 pages.

2. The paper will use 14-16 sources. The sources must be different types of sources, so you cannot use all books or all magazines, etc.; instead, use a variety of

sources to establish credibility. The sources must be credible, too. You can use 9 online sources and the rest must be print sources.

3. The paper will prove the following thesis– You must use this thesis as your frame, filling in the blank:

(Your topic________that you choose yourself) is a necessary public communication campaign because of w, x, y, and z, and can be effectively implemented by using a, b,

and c.

4. Your introduction will be about a page and will include the thesis as the last sentence.

5. Your body paragraphs will discuss w, x, y, and z (your ideas about why this is necessary), in addition to discussing how these ideas will be effectively

communicated using various types of media sources, social media, etc.– the a, b, and c.

6. You will write 3-4 paragraphs of conclusions discussing future implications, hypothetical situations, and include a powerful last sentence that leaves an impact on

the reader.

7. You will incorporate an almost equal amount of fact and opinion (opinion meaning your critical analysis as a researcher) in the term paper. This must be balanced.

Do not include all facts or all opinions. You can use one citation per paragraph if this helps you understand this equation more.

8. Do not use “I” narrative personal information, as in “I grew up on a farm and…”– You may however use “I” as the critical researcher: “I believe this analysis is

credible because…”

9. Review APA format if you need to. There are helpful reminder links that I posted for you under Resources. Remember, you are supposed to come to this class knowing

this format already.

10. Proofread your work. Use 12 Times New Roman or Times Font. This paper is double-spaced.

11. Do not use overly long quotes to take up space. Do not press return 10 times on pages before starting to write the content. Do not keep repeating ideas over and

over again. If you find it challenging to write content, then simply do more research and/or call me. You can also keep a research writing journal, where you explore

ideas in an informal way. Ask questions, too– this helps because it challenges your ideas.

12. Feel free to call me from 10AM-11PM all days of the week for a phone conference about your paper: (808) 292-9220.


The last part of this assignment involves answering this question on a separate page AFTER the Resources page:

1. What would the world be like without public communication campaigns? (You will need to address the importance of public communication campaigns in your answer)

Remember to mention some ideas from the readings in the textbook, too.

Write 4-6 pages. This is an opinion ONLY paper. No citations or sources are needed. I am looking ONLY for your ideas in this paper. If you include citations, points

will be deducted.

Before answering this question, think about the following:

1. Why are public communication campaigns necessary?
2. How do public communication campaigns help the public?
3. What would happen if public communication campaigns were illegal? Are there countries that ban these types of campaigns? Why do they do that? What effect does this

have on the public?
4. Can public communication campaigns have a negative effect on the public? Why or why not?
5. What did you learn from the readings in the textbook that will help me to answer this question?

These questions are meant to help you when answering the final exam question:

What would the world be like without public communication campaigns? (You will need to address the importance of public communication campaigns in your answer)– Think

about this for a little while.

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