1. Find an article or two on the Internet that deals directly with one of the topics we cover in class, makes some kind of claim and attempts to back it up with some research. I do not want you to pick an article that just quotes someone else’s research.

2. Address the following issues in a 4-5 page paper:

a. In your own words, summarize the article without plagiarizing. (Plagiarism is representing someone else’s ideas and/or words as your own. A direct quote without quotation marks is considered plagiarism.)

b. Critique the research. I would like you to think critically about the research in the article (e.g., did they do an experiment or other kind of research; did they have a representative, random sample; a big enough sample; replication; a double blind procedure; etc.?
Then I want you to tell me, based on the quality of the research, how believable were their claims?

c. Critique the website using the following criteria:
Accuracy. Does your page list the author and institution that publishes the page and provide a way of contacting him/her, and…
Authority. Does your page list the author’s credentials and does it have a preferred domain, (.edu, .gov, .org, or .net), and …
Objectivity. Does your page provide accurate information with limited advertising and is it objective in presenting the information, and…
Coverage. Can you view the information properly—not limited to fees, browser technology, or software requirement?

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