Problem Assessment Assignment PROBLEM ASSESSMENT – To collect, analyze, and eval

Problem Assessment Assignment
PROBLEM ASSESSMENT – To collect, analyze, and evaluate data in order to make sound and effective decisions or develop solutions to problems. Problem Assessment involves assessing the scale and extent of the problem, as well as its cause and effect. It is systematic and logical. In healthcare, it aims to answer the question: to what extent does (or will) the problem impact upon the goals and objectives of good health and healthcare delivery.
The Problem Assessment is an individual assignment requiring significant research. The student should select one of the five issues/problems identified below to complete the problem assessment (about seven (7) pages plus references) on that issue/problem. Students may select a different topic of particular interest to the student with approval of the instructor. See the recommended format for the paper below.
Background: Alabama faces serious problems with chronic health conditions related to lifestyle choices, poverty, and access to quality health care. In this assignment, you will research and assess one of the following Alabama Healthcare issues. Select one of the following five issues:
Prevalence of chronic disease and associated poor health outcomes
Access to healthcare in rural areas
Excess hospital readmissions and emergency department visits among the Medicaid population
The rate of opioid-associated addictions and deaths
This assignment will form the basis for the Background and Problem Assessment section of the Alabama Healthcare Reform proposal. An edited version of the Problem Assessment will be used in the Alabama Healthcare Reform assignment. The Alabama Healthcare Reform assignment will require students to report on the problems/issues used in the Problem Assessment and to suggest solutions that might be implemented by the State of Alabama.
Deliverable: Problem Assessment Paper provides a discussion and understanding of the key problem. The paper should be about seven (7) pages, not including references and appendices. Do not exceed ten (10) pages, not including references and appendices. The paper should be easy to read i.e. well organized with a logical flow of thought, use headings and subheadings. It can include charts and tables. Charts and tables included in the paper should be described/discussed in the text and support the paper and appropriately referenced. The paper should include at least seven (7) references. See reference section below.
The paper should follow the format below:
Briefly define the issue/problem. Summary of the problem, including key data
Background and Problem Assessment
Background – (context and statement of the problems)
Describe the problem; identify the scale, extent, cost and impact of the problem on Alabama. Identify frequency, duration and severity of the problem.
If possible, identify the cause and effect of the problem
Include data on the problem/issue, how big is the problem, people, physicians, hospitals affected. Identify the size, scale, scope, incidence and prevalence of the problem. How does Alabama compare to other states or the national median? This will require research. The County Healthcare Rankings in the reference section below will be helpful.
The paper must be referenced to support the data provided.
Final statement of the problem – why is this a problem, summary data.
Double-space the document, except for the references – follow APA format for the references and Reference List. The entire paper does not need to follow APA format, just the references. A specific font or font size is not required; however, be reasonable and professional, i.e. font size between 10 and 12, and a common, easy to read font such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Ariel, etc., nothing overly fancy or stylized. Do not attempt to make up for lack of content with large font size.
See The Community Toolbox: Section 5 – Analyzing Community Problems. (Links to an external site.)
The references do not count towards the page maximum. In addition, you can have appendices, charts, graphs, etc. at the end of the paper that support your problem assessment, and are not included in the page maximum. Any appendices should be referenced in the paper and support the paper. They should not be random attachments.
References: See the Reference Requirements Page. and the Library Guide for HCM 480.
References should be cited in the paper and at the end of the paper in APA format. The references should be quality, peer-reviewed references from reputable journals. See the National Library of Medicine Core Health Policy Library (Links to an external site.) at (Links to an external site.) for a more complete list of acceptable references.
APA Resources:
UAB Library – (Links to an external site.). (You need to be logged into UAB to access this page)

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