prepare and submit a term paper on Cycling System in Amsterdam. Your paper should be a minimum of 5000 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Cycling System in Amsterdam. Your paper should be a minimum of 5000 words in length. The study design used descriptive research design in the analysis and collection of data because the method enables the researcher to get comprehensive responses and ensures interaction between the respondents and the researcher.
Because of the heterogeneous nature of the population, the researcher used a stratified sampling method. The target population for the study was not only composed of the city residents but took into account a few foreigners (50). The research used questionnaires, observation, and interview methods in gathering data. The data were analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively and the results presented in pie charts, tables, and bar graphs. Based on the research findings the researcher made conclusions and recommendations and finally gave suggestions for further studies.
This chapter provides general ideas of what was covered in the whole study by providing the background of the study, the problems are well stated to indicate the motives for the research to carry out the study. In addition, the chapter vividly stipulates the objectives of the study, advantages and disadvantages, significance, and the scope of the study.

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Amsterdam is one of the most highly rated cities in the Netherlands in terms of bicycle friendlessness. Over the years the cycling population and the cycled distances have increased tremendously forcing the city to increase bicycle paths and expand or increase bicycle parking slots to accommodate the growth in the sector. According to a research, the population of Amsterdam is slightly above 1.1 million people and out of the trips made in the inner city 60 percent are made by bicycle, and out of the trips made in the greater city area, 40 percent of the trips are made by bicycle (MGO & Mev 2010).
A cyclist enjoys the use of wide varieties of bicycles ranging from traditional Omanifets to modern road bikes, city bikes, and recumbent bikes. There are also different institutions and companies offering bike hire services.

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