Please complete an evaluation of a member of your team based on the Goals

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Instructions: You can make up names!!

1. Write an Evaluation of one of your team members.

2. The evaluation must contain the Performance Criteria defined by the team during week 2

3. The member’s performance must be compared to the required performance.

4. Feedback must be Positive and Constructive.

5. The evaluation must contain areas for improvement

6. Evaluation must identify specific performance issues

7. Grammar and Spelling are important.

Grading Rubric

Defined Performance Criteria – 0 to 20%

Positive Feedback Provided – 0 to 20%

Areas of Improvement Listed – 0 to 20%

Specific Examples cited – 0 to 10%

Grammar and Spelling 0 to 10%

Submission is ON Topic 0 to 20%

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