Describe 4 concrete steps that you can take to enhance student motivation. For each describe why this will enhance motivation and identify which theory (or theories: self efficacy – self worth- self determination ) idea is most closely related to. (For example, you might say that supporting students in making meaningful social connections with the teacher and other students in the classroom enhances motivation and is most related to self-determination theory).

2) Choose either
Explain how an individual’s beliefs about ability can impact their academic motivation. Properly use the terms “incremental” or “entity” and “attributions” in your answer. Have you ever observed this in real life? If so, describe the individual and the outcome.

3) Imagine that in one High School class period you must address three problematic behaviors: one student passing notes, another student taking a pen from a desk and slipping it into his pocket, and a third student vandalizing her desk. Describe how you would handle each situation, and briefly discuss how being proactive could have helped in one of these situations. That is, what steps would have been effective in preventing this behavior from occurring? (be sure to use Module 19! Understand in and managing student behavior Ed Psych by Lisa Bohlin and Cheryl Cisero).


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