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We all have different personalities, which give us different perceptions regarding our surroundings whether we like our environment or not. Consequently, thinking about how our characters can best fit in with our environment and careers will positively impact our day-to-day lives(“Career Interests Game”).  I will, therefore, use the color hexagon to find out more about my personality characteristics.

The two areas that most accurately describe me are social and realistic personalities. First, my preference in actively taking part in athletic activities and my love for plants and animals portray my real personality. Also, my curiosity regarding the physical world motivates me to spend my leisure time outdoors taking part in environmental conservation initiatives. In case my bulb needs a replacement, I fix it without having to look for an expert, which portrays independence. Second, my social nature equips me with communication skills as I address people in meetings and take part in creating awareness on HIV/AIDS. In cooperation with other young people, I also visit children’s homes to interact and speak to them on matters regarding educational performance and stress management.

            Nevertheless, there are areas in the Interactive Holland Hexagon which least describe me. They are conventional and artistic personalities. Despite my persistent nature, my ability to work with data and numbers and the use equipment for data processing is quite a challenge thus displaying my unconventional character. I also have less interest in card and computer games, which displays conventional characteristics.  Besides, artistic nature fits with individuals who can draw and make sketches, a skill I have never tried. Photography, fashion, and design are not among the activities I undertake during my leisure time either, therefore, eliminating artistic nature from my character.

In conclusion, personality traits define people’s abilities to take up a career. One ca choose a professional path they like by assessing their interest and likes. As for me, the fields that fit in my personality best are social and communication areas. However, at the same time, I struggle with conventional and artistic activities, which implies I cannot take a job in data processing or art.