Nursing Healthcare and Nursing Legal Academic Essay

Utilizing APA Format please answer the below following questions:Please utilize the following book to make your in text citations and references and from:• Finkelman, Anita. (2011). Leadership and Management for Nurses, 2nd Edition.ISBN-10: 0132137712ISBN-13: 9780132137713Pub. Date: 03/01/2011Publisher: Pearson
1. Healthcare Policy: The implementation of the Affordable Care Act means that many more citizens now have access to healthcare.a. However, some still “fall through the cracks.” Describe the role of the Nurse Leader (any one of us) when uninsured or under-insured patients present for care.2. Legal and Ethical Issues in Practice: The process of nursing delegation has been referred to as “legal dynamite.”a. Please share an example of nursing delegation that was not appropriate.b. Where did it go wrong and why?
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