Nursing and the LAW Australia

Topic: Nursing and the LAW Australia

CASE study based on the following and including all questions. Must be Australian focused

Read the following scenario

Graeme Jones is a Registered Nurse working in an Intensive Care Unit. He is caring for a patient who is receiving several different intravenous infusions, including nitroprusside, a potent vasodilation drug that rapidly lowers blood pressure. All of the drugs are being infused by identical-looking pumps. Graeme wants to administer a push dose of morphine, but accidentally pushes the nitroprusside pump, causing the patient’s blood pressure to plummet so low that the patient has to be resuscitated.


Write an essay that demonstrates you clearly understand the important legal ramifications relating to this scenario. For example, your essay will be expected to cover:
The duty of care that is owed to the patient
Why the patient may bring a legal action against Graeme for negligence. Your response here should be detailed and include discussion of what type of case this would be and why.
For example, civil versus criminal.
Understanding of the four conditions that must be met in order for Graeme’s action to be considered negligent
The standard of care expected and working within a scope of practice
The Doctrine of Vicarious Liability and what this means in relation to the scenario
Prior to commencing the essay it is important that you read the marking criteria that accompanies this assessment task

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