narrative essay

narrative essay

In Weeks 1 & 2, you have learned how to use invention to generate ideas for papers. You have also learned the requirements and scope of a narrative essay. In this assignment, you will bring all this material together by finalizing your ideas for and writing your own narrative essay.

Write a short narrative essay that focuses on what you learned from a specific situation or event from your past.
Remember that any essay is essentially an argument. You are trying to convince an audience about something. In this essay, share what you learned from a specific situation or event in your life, using details to demonstrate to the audience how and why this lesson was learned. Perhaps it is that hard work pays off, or that life takes effort, or that you can overcome life’s struggles if you have love.

Whatever your topic, be sure that you create an introduction that lets the reader know what the focus of the paper is. Then, in one arguable sentence, present your thesis statement. For example: Experiencing the loss of a parent helped me realize that life is short and should be lived to the fullest. In this example, your body paragraphs should then show specifically how the death of a parent changed your views on life and how you live it. Finally, be sure to include a conclusion paragraph that wraps up the main points of your essay.

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