methodological issues scholars

methodological issues scholars
Discuss the main methodological issues scholars have to face when studying ancient women.
Paper instructions:
This is a descriptive paper. You are supposed to read all the articles assigned and select a few relevant methodological issues, which have shaped the discipline of Women and Gender Studies. You have a lot of flexibility in this paper. Use it wisely. Please stick to the documents I have provided and the first chapters of the three books I have listed below. Utilize chicago footnote citation wherever appropriately needed.

The essay should have the following format:
1. An introduction, where you explain the topic. The introduction should include a description of what you plan to discuss in the paper;
2. The body, where you discuss the relevant issues you selected from the readings;
3. Some conclusions, where you summarize your paper and provide some final thought.

Other Sources:
Z. Bahrani, Women of Babylon. London: Routledge, 2001 = Chapter 1 Only
E. D’Ambra, Roman Women. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006 = Chapter 1 only
G. Robins, Women of Ancient Egypt. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1993 = Chapter 1 only


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