Martin Luther King/Malcolm X Essay

Martin Luther King/Malcolm X Essay

5 page book report ( choose one question out of 5 and write the essay base on the question). I ordered 6 pages because I need a thesis for this essay as wellQuestion Choices (Choose and write on just One):

A) On what grounds, moral and practical, did Martin Luther King argue that nonviolent resistance offers the best tool for fighting injustice and making social progress?

B) Describe the views about blacks and whites held and taught by the Nation of Islam and by Malcolm X for many years. Why did such teachings appeal to many African Americans?

C) Why did Malcolm finally break with the Nation of Islam? In what ways did Malcolm’s ideas and proposals for African-American action significantly change in his independent, post-Nation phase?

D) What (through 1963) did Malcolm claim were the goals and traits of a genuine revolution, and why did he think the nonviolent so-called “Negro Revolution” failed to constitute one? How did he later re-assess what methods might bring positive results for blacks? How, did he later suggest, might America have “a bloodless revolution”?

E) What new major issues—in addition to integration and civil rights for African Americans—did King increasingly seek to address during the latter 1960s? Was he more or less successful in achieving his later goals as he had been achieving his earlier ones? Why or why not?

F) Compare and contrast the social origins and backgrounds of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. How may their dissimilar life experiences help explain some of their different views and attitudes?
G) In what ways did King and Malcolm’s views grow more similar during their respective latter periods? In what areas were they nearer in agreement than earlier? In what area or areas did they still significantly differ?

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