Market Entry Proposal in Turkey

Topic: Market Entry Proposal

You are now required to develop a market entry strategy for Zara to compete in Turkey. This will begin with a company situation analysis of Zara, followed by analysis of the market options and conclude with an evaluation of the market entry strategy recommended. The evaluation and recommendations should be presented as an Executive Summary for the Board of Directors, using the standard Executive Summary Template attached.

Required: Write an Executive Summary asking the Board of Directors of Zara to adopt and implement your Market Entry Proposal in Turkey. Your Market Entry Proposal should take into account the following issues: • Application of theories of international trade and investments o Accessing market opportunities: Nation-level analysis o Company situation analysis: Firm-level analysis • Analysis of various types of market entry strategies • Global sourcing, production and logistics • Step-by-step approach to implementing the proposed strategy Your analysis and recommendations should also consider the benefits and potential barriers to successful implementation and evaluation of the market entry strategy.

Further information: • Format: Executive Summary using the standard Template attached. The assignment should be submitted as ONE WORD DOCUMENT file. • Word Limit: The word limit for this assignment is 2500 words. • Referencing: Your assignment should include in-text citations and supported with a full List of References at the end of the assignment. You are expected to use the CULC’s Harvard Referencing Style.

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