Legislation and / or common law according to specifly case.

Legislation and / or common law according to specifly case.

Case: Mr Manfredi recently purchased a vegetarian cafe from HappyHippie Pty Ltd on the faith of representations made to him by HappyHippie
director, Elvis Eggplant regarding the past and future profitability oft e cafe.

The historical figures, in the form of a historical

account, presented to Mr Manfredi were inflated by 60%, and amounted to nothing more than a series of numbers “made up” by Elvis
Eggplant. These were designed to induce Mr Manfredi to purchase the cafe.

hen setting up his new cafe, Mr Manfredi discovered some old

receipts and cash registertapes. He also discovered some old tax documents. On inspection, Mr Manfredi discoversthatthe figures put to
him by Mr Eggplant were false.

Mr Manfredi has come to you for advice which you must base on legislation and/or common law.

2.Referencing must be in accordance with the AGLC3. (9 references and 5 case study). The assignment must also contain a bibliography.

3. Your assignment must be written in the third person.

Please see the file that i attached, its a good example ofthis assignment and Marking

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