Kudler Fine Foods Frequent shopper program

Kudler Fine Foods Frequent shopper program
Companies have greatly succeeded by offering rewards in exchange for customer business. Kudler Fine Foods is also embracing the development of a frequent shopper program that will assist in tracking customer purchase in the exchange of loyalty points. By redeeming the loyalty points customer will be able to receive gift items and other services and products provided by third parties. The frequent shopper program will assist the company to gain revenue from increased sales as well as increase customer interest on Kudler company products. However, for the program to be effective and achieve the set objectives, it is essential to ensure it is focused on the behavior and statistics of customer purchases. This means that the program will assist in capturing the primary customer trends which will include the number of items purchased and the amount spent by each customer in a given period. It is worth noting that most of the Kudler Fine Foods customers are more focused on quality and availability of multiple unique products. Therefore, while developing the frequent shopper program it is also important top ensure that the program assist the company to meet customer expectations. For the program to be able efficient in achieving required expectations and objectives it is wise to ensure that it is supported by the right software and hardware (Apollo Group, Inc., 2005).
The initial stage in program development is identifying what the program should achieve or the program purpose. This is then followed by indentifying required hardware and software to ensure the program runs smoothly. The frequent shopper program will require a personalized windows server network for the company to ensure that customer purchases are tracked at all times irrespective of their mode of payment. The program will also require preparation of customer membership cards to assist in customer identification. The hardware required for the program will be a computer with sufficient backup size and a card reader. It is also essential to pay attention to the program legal considerations which include; customer privacy and security policies and details on delivery and redeeming of loyalty points.
The testing process of the program should include gathering data from the customers to monitor their responses on products purchased and customer service experiences. By comparing the results of the frequent shopper program and customer responses, it is easy to tell whether the program is accurate and efficient. Maintaining an effective shopper analysis will assist the company to quickly respond to any problems that may arise in the sales and marketing section of the company. The company will focus the available resources to products which are preferred by the clients hence improving product quality and total company sales.
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