Journalism, mass media and communication Avatar the movie

Journalism, mass media and communication Avatar the movie

Project description
Please follow the instruction:


All media messages – TV shows, newspapers, movies, ads, and whatnot – are made or constructed by people; they don’t just happen in a vacuum. An important media literacy skill is deconstruction – closely examining and taking apart media messages to understand how they work.

Deconstructing a media message can help us understand who created the message and who is intended to receive it. It can reveal how the media maker used words, images, sounds, design, and other elements to create a message. It can expose the point of view of media makers, their values, and their biases. It can also uncover hidden meanings – intended or unintended.

Choose a specific example of mass media that intrigues you. This could include a TV program/series, film, video game, song, or book. I must approve your choice before you begin writing your paper. Write a 3-5 page deconstruction of your media choice. Include any references using the proper APA style. The paper must be well written, using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Your paper must identify the specific overall message the media example offers to the audience; the target audience; and any bias, spin, assumptions, and/or cultural ethnocentrism inherent in the message or the piece itself. In order for your paper to be effective, it must point out and discuss the different elements in the piece that construct the message, reach out to the specific demographics you identify in the target audience, and illustrate any biases and assumptions you’ve identified. A great paper will break down how those elements do that.

In a song, most of this may well happen in the song’s lyrics. Everything is fair game, though. Also take into account the production and other elements of the song.

For a visual medium such as television and film, everything from the character development, story arc, and plot points should be analyzed. The jokes, dialogue, music score… even the characters’ wardrobe, the setting, and direction are fair game.

Keep in mind the major discussion points we’ve had over the semester.

Know that a hasty minimum three-page paper rarely gets a very good grade. Do not aim for the minimum. Give this a thorough breakdown.

The major sections of your paper should include…
– an APA listing of the media piece you’ve chosen at the top
– a brief description of the medium piece you’ve chosen (not to exceed a full page on its own)
– a nod toward the piece’s cultural significance (with supporting evidence)
– a discussion of the piece’s overall message (break down where and how that message was constructed within the piece)
– a breakdown of the piece’s target audience (and how/why)
– a discussion of the piece’s cultural assumptions, biases, etc (point out instances and illustrations of them within the piece)

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