Jean Watson’s theory of caring

Jean Watson’s theory of caring
1 .Jean Watson’s theory of caring.
2. Roy’s adaptation model .
3. Dorothea Orem: Self-Care Deficit Theory
Case study, applying Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory .

Mr. Tan, 55 years old Chinese man , admitted in hospital for his fifth time leg amputation. He had a history of Diabetes Mellitus, he came to hospital for his amputation accompanied by the wife. The wife is the main caregiver of the patient as all the children are working. Upon assessment, the patient was found to have loss of attention to everything and he feel like he is help less so he lost his respect in society due to his immobility. Basic parameters were BP : 94/60, Temperature : 36.4*C, SpO2 : 98% , Heart Rate : 100bpm, Respiration rate : 24, Pain Score “4”. He verbalized that “it will be better if I die, so that I will not be a trouble for my family”. According to Mrs. Tan, she felt very worried and tired to take care of him. The patient had been refused to eat ever since few days ago. Mrs. Tan was depressed and calm all the time..
Essay (80% of overall mark) Word limit 4000 words
Contents page should be inserted
Introduction – approximately 500 words
This section should introduce the assignment, explaining what will be discussed.
Nursing models and theories – approximately 1250 words
You should select at least 3 different models and/or theories and discuss the underlying theoretical and/or evidence base for each. Discuss (please do not just list these) the strengths and weaknesses of each.
Case-study – approximately 2000 words
You should provide an overview of the case study (if this is complex, you may insert a background to the case study as an appendix).
You should provide a rationale, using the literature to support your argument and critical reflection of your own area of practice, to support the application of one model/theory to your case study.
Conclusion – approximately 250 words

Summarise the main points of your essay.
State what you have learned from doing this assignment.
To do this you need to examine models and theories of nursing. Within the course content we will look at a broad range of these as well as newer forms, such as decision algorithms and care pathways. For the first part of this assignment you will be asked to look at 3 models and theories, and using an evidence-base, draw out the strengths and weaknesses of each. While some of what you present needs to be descriptive, it is important to demonstrate critical thinking and skills of analysis.

In addition you will be asked to apply one model or theory to your own area of practice using a case study approach. In order that the reader can understand the background to the case study it may be useful to write this briefly within an appendix. Again by using an evidence-base (some of which you will have found in the first part of the essay), apply a rationale for choosing this model to your own area of practice. As well as evidence-based material, you can use your own reflective account of why you think/feel that this model would be most appropriate. It is important that within your essay you make it transparent what is your own opinion and what is coming from the literature evidence.

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