IPS Integration

IPS Integration

1. I understand the 2 to 3 cognates for my Interdisciplinary Studies degree and know that I need to incorporate ALL of my cognates. I need to ask my professor if I have any questions. Example:

“I chose to pursue the Interdisciplinary Degree with the cognates of Military Science and Religion. Superficially these cognates seem as far opposites as one might think. However, being an active duty Marine who is in constant contact with fresh young men and women who have never heard the Gospel it becomes a simple task to tie the two together. Combining the cognates of military science and religion will increase my ability to advance in my current career field, while giving me the knowledge and skills to effectively share the Gospel during my service and into my future.”

_____ 2. My points within this essay are shared in first person and clarify my career aspirations/plans/desires which incorporate these chosen cognates.

_____ 3. I have filtered these aspirations through a Christian worldview.

_____ 4. The body of my essay (not counting the Title Page and Reference Page) is 5 to 7 pages.

_____ 5. My format follows my favored cognate department’s style (MLA, APA, or Turabian). I have gone to https://www.liberty.edu/academics/graduate/writing/index.cfm?PID=17176 for the Quick Guide that gives specific instructions on the required writing style.

_____ 6. My cover page includes: Name, Course/Section, Date, Cognates Listing, Paper Title, Chosen Formatting Style, Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for INDS 400 Capstone Course.

_____ 7. I have included an integrative device (such as a metaphor or analogy) to clarify my cognate choices. Example:

“My chosen cognates which will be synthesized in this paper are Business and Social Science with a view to ultimately becoming a Chaplain… Typically we would not expect a warrior to also possess the qualities of a skilled songwriter and musician. But in the Bible, this is exactly what David was. Both his military prowess and his musical talents were put to great use in the Bible. His experience in both of those roles shows the importance of being a multifaceted individual and how a dual cognate degree can be of great use. Just like David in his multiple roles as soldier, songwriter, musician and eventually politician (king), I will continue to add to my core competencies by becoming a teacher and eventually a chaplain.”

_____ 8. I have included a minimum of 6 sources (within essay and listed on Reference Page).

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