Hello writer i have my final paper for my internship class that l took in the summer .
there are what my Dr. need  and want .
I will upload you some paper that i did douring the internship that will help you to write the paper , and it will give you also an idea for what we have don .

You will conclude your internship with a written analysis of your experience.  The first part of the analysis should include a critical self-assessment of your

performance (How did you do? What did you do well? What would you do differently? How can you improve? Would you do anything differently? Did you reach your goals?).

The analysis should also include an assessment of the learning that occurred (What new important things did you learn? What new competencies did you develop and why

are these important?). Lastly, you should include a discussion of how you applied concepts and skills acquired to date at SNHU (e.g. courses taken to date in School of

Business and General Education) to particular incidents during your internship. A good way to do this is to discuss a particular incident or task and describe how

knowledge or skills were applied.

The second portion of your paper will include a reflection on the benefits and challenges of the internship, how the internship contributed to your personal growth and

professional development, and how you will integrate this experience in the future (remaining time at SNHU and post SNHU preparation and plans). The paper can and

should also include any other analyses and reflections that you feel represent your internship experience.

Assignment Details:
o    Length – 6-10 pages (approximately), double line-spacing, 1 inch margins with 12 point font
o    Structure –Introduction followed by content as outlined in the description of the assignment

Learning Outcome(s) (Communication; Critical Thinking; Problem-Solving)
1)    Demonstrate the ability to critically analyze your experience and effectively articulate learning.
2)    Demonstrate critical thinking skills while assessing personal performance and learning outcomes.

Evaluation/Grading – 50 points
•    All subjects and questions outlined for the assignment are addressed in-depth (10 points)
•    Analyses and reflections are well-supported by examples and details (10 points)
•    Self-assessment is objective, thorough and well-supported (10 points)
•    Organization of content (clear introduction, body paragraph with transition sentences and conclusion) (10 points)
•    Writing conventions (spelling, grammar) (10 points)

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