Insider trading


1. Develop your business writing skills
2. Develop your research and citation skills
3. Provide you with greater exposure to the business and general media.
4. Provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about a specific U.S. business law topic.
1. You must discuss a specific substantive (not procedural) U.S. business law topic that is covered in the syllabus for

this class this semester by starting with reference to a legal issue that is raised in a “springboard” article of your

choosing that has been published recently (no earlier than January 1, 2014) by a major respectable business or general

media periodical or newspaper
2. Your writing assignment must be written using at least eight (8) appropriate articles including the “springboard”

The goal is to use the article chosen and approved as a “springboard” as an example for further research on the topic,

finding additional articles that discuss the facts of individual actual claims or cases, all of which should be discussed

in the paper. Your “springboard” article is the only article that you must show the instructor in conjunction with

receiving approval for your topic. By approving your “springboard” article along with your topic, the hope is that you

will then be more focused on the kind of articles you need to find in your research on your topic. As noted above, unlike

your other articles, which may be dated as early as January 1, 2012, the “springboard” article must be dated no earlier

than January 1, 2014. You must attach a copy of the “springboard” article to the back of the printed copy of your paper

that you submit and it will be the first article that you summarize in your paper. However, in all other respects, the

“springboard” article is not any different than the other articles you need to find.

4. Each article you choose must discuss facts from a separate, specific claim or case on an approved substantive U.S.

business law topic that is covered in this course during the semester. Each article must discuss a claim or case that is

unrelated to the claims and cases discussed in any other articles you use. You must only choose articles that explain the

facts that support a plaintiff’s lawsuit against a defendant. You will then summarize these facts when writing your paper.



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