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Sociology Common Final Essay On the day of the Essay Test,

1. Using the 3 Perspectives of Sociology, choose an element or aspect of society and demonstrate your understanding of each Perspective by explaining how the area of society would be understood and explained. For each Perspective, identify key people, terms and concepts in making the connections and demonstrating your mastery in understanding the Functionalist, Conflict and Interactionist Perspectives.

 2. In viewing population change within a society, explain the 3 main factors influencing population growth. In addition, discuss how population growth differs in a society based upon technology and the different types of societies. Finally, identify 3 pros/cons of population growth and urbanization in a society using key terms and concepts in covering each area and making connections demonstrating your mastery of population changes in society.

 3. In looking at the individual in society, discuss in detail the argument on each side of the nature vs. nurture debate. In doing so, identify specific studies, terms and people associated with each. Finally, identify which of the two you most associate with and why, using specific examples from your own experiences in your lifetime.

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