Hypothesis Testing

1.    Define Null hypothesis and Alternate hypothesis, and give an example of each type of hypothesis.
2.    What is meant by the critical region?
3.    List the steps of hypothesis testing.
4.    In hypothesis testing, why can not the hypothesis testing be proven to be true?
5.    State the null and alternative hypothesis for the following examples:
a.    The average salary for Statistics majors in the US is greater than $74,020.
b.    The average shoe size for women is at the most a size 6.5.
6.    Something is significant if it is something unusual or rare. This is also true in statistics. Something is significant if the probability of it occurring is very small. Thus it is significant.Explain to your classmates the purpose of a critical value. What is it used for? Also, explain the difference in a one-tail test and two-tailed test. What causes these to be different and where would you use a one-tail test instead of a two-tailed test?

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