Human Resources Management(Recruitment and Staff Selection)

Human Resources Management(Recruitment and Staff Selection)

George is a twelve year experienced registered nurse working the evening shift in the post-operative ward at Harmony Hill Memorial Hospital. George wants to complete his Bachelor’s degree in nursing and the needed courses are only offered in the evenings. George ‘s supervisor informs the staff of an upcoming opening in the morning shift and advises them of the application deadline. Based on some of the rumors that have circulated regarding past practices of his supervisor, George knows that his supervisor has already filled the position with one of her closest friends and that George’s completing an application and interviewing for the position is nothing more than an exercise in futility. George brings his concerns to you, the HR supervisor. He claims that his gender and sexual orientation has affected his nursing supervisor’s decision and that any complaint from him to the nursing supervisor will result in retaliation or termination.

In 4 to 5 pages respond to the following:

1. What would you say to George about the ideal legal and ethical hiring practices?

2. What can you do to ensure that the recruitment and selection process is fair and consistent with the requirements of federal and state laws on hiring practices?

3. How would you address this with George’s nursing supervisor?
4. What steps can be taken in addressing George’s concerns for retaliation or termination?

5. Where does the human resource department fit into this scenario?


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