Human Resource Management

Topic: Human Resource Management

What exactly is a KSA profile and how was it used? How could this profile be used in the other HR functions, such as selection, compensation, or performance appraisal, that use job analysis as a basis?

Using a job that you are familiar with, define an element, a task, a duty, a job, a job profile, and a job family. For what purposes can these items be used?

What do you think Ford’s overall strategic perspective is? How well does its new selection system support this strategy?

What steps are included in Ford’s selection procedure? According to the chapter, what other techniques could it incorporate?

Are there any other factors that are causing the auto companies to alter their selection procedures and look for more educated employees?

How do you think this scenario will play out? Will the educated workers leave? Will they stay?

What type of work will the high school dropouts and immigrants who used to be selected to work in these car plants now be doing?

What benefits will Chrysler get from educating high school students?

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