Global warming issue

Global warming issue
How important global warming issue to Navitas students
One of the most controversial issues that affect humankind today is the aggravating state of the earth. Over the past few years the earth’s temperature has continued to rise further resulting to destruction of natural and ecological systems. According to Douglas and Kenneth (1993) global warming is today associated with multiple calamities on earth today beginning with droughts, natural fires and imbalance in the ecosystem. Several researchers and academic experts have taken interest in finding the root to this problem and also finding possible solutions. After several researches academic experts and research have concluded that global warming is as a result of human activities to the environment. However, a few other people have stated that global warming in a natural event and therefore dismissing the whole phenomenon of global warming as a hoax (William, 2005).
The overall temperature of the earth has been changing resulting to significant change in the climate. Researchers have associated this global warming with heavy floods, tsunamis and earthquakes, meaning that the change in temperature may continue to have serious negative effect to the environment. It is therefore essential to establish the root cause of this climate change (Lerner & Brenda, 2006). Since researchers and academic experts have stated that global warming is as a result of human activities such as driving and burning fuels, the solution is therefore increasing human awareness. The developed countries produce more fuels that cause global warming than developing countries. However, all countries are currently commencing social and environmental awareness to eradicate or at least lower the rate human activities that can cause global warming. The campaigns and education of this topic have not received significant interest especially among students and the youth but trainers have taken it upon themselves to provide a vivid picture to the students on how global warming can continue to endanger the environment today hence causing further harm. It is therefore essential to continue carrying out further research to determine whether educating the public specially the student and the youth has surely assisted in the reduction human activities that result to global warming (Kenneth, James P.; et al. 2003).
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