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Human Genome and Societal Concerns

The Human Genome page on ethical issues lists several “societal concerns” in relation to the newest genetic discoveries. Select at least one that is related to healthcare. Research at least one source outside of this website and report in the Discussion Forum.

  • Submit an essay (at least 300 words) – posting it in the Forum for feedback and comments by your classmates.
Table 2. Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) Research Program, National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health
ELSI research areas identified as “grand challenges” for the future of genomic research:Intellectual Property Issues Surrounding Access to and Use of Genetic InformationEthical, Legal and Social Factors that Influence the Translation of Genetic Information to Improved HealthIssues Surrounding the Conduct of Genetic ResearchIssues Surrounding the Use of Genetic Information and Technologies in Non-Health Care SettingsThe Impact of Genomics on Concepts of Race, Ethnicity, Kinship and Individual and Group IdentityThe Implications for Both Individuals and Society of Uncovering Genomic Contributions to Human Traits and BehaviorsHow Different Individuals, Cultures and Religious Traditions View the Ethical Boundaries for Uses of Genomics(Adapted from National Human Genome Research Institute (2007a)


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