Firm’s: Trader Joe’s

Home Country: Pasadena, United States
Host Country: Jakarta, Indonesia

For the course-long Global Market Entry Strategy project, you need to select a domestic/local firm and send it to a foreign country in which your firm has no actual presence.. I recommend a publicly traded firm (a firm with stocks traded on stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq) so you can get as much free information as possible from online sites such as Yahoo! Finance or

For this first graded assignment of the project, you will need to develop a 3-4 page document (12 font, double-space) on the background of the firm/company you chose for your project. You may use Yahoo! Finance or to conduct research. See the attached PDF file for a sample assignment. Please address the following topics:

Firm Name: What’s the firm’s name? Why did you choose the firm?(10 pts)
Headquarter Location: List city, state/province and home country (e.g. the U.S.). (10 pts)
Host Country: Which foreign country are you trying to enter with the firm you just picked? Why did you pick this particular country? Please note this needs to be a country in which your firm does not currently have any presence. (10 pts)
Key Goods and Services (Products): What types of goods or services does the firm sell to its customers? Be specific about the different product categories. (20 pts)
Key Customers: Who are their target customers? Are they consumers? Businesses? Other entities? What are their maket segment characteristics such as demographics? (20 pts)
Key Competitive Advantages: What makes the firm unique and competitive compared to other firms in the industry? Sample key competitive advantages may include brand name, financial strength, high quality products or goods and services, etc. (30pts)

You are required to use the bullet format as listed above and as in the sample document attached.


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