Export of American Fantasy World to the Chinese

Read the Case Study

The aim of this exercise is to help course participants develop the ability to make strategic decisions, to

support these decisions with appropriate analyses, and to learn to communicate their ideas coherently.
The business plan should NOT simply summarize the case. Rather students should :
•    provide an analysis of the situation facing the case study company (e.g. in terms of the nature of

demand and competition in the company’s industry, key problem areas, and key opportunities etc);
•    identify and discuss the strategic issues the company has to deal with in the case study; •

discuss the means by which these strategic issues can be addressed by the company
(business and corporate level strategies formulation and implementation); and • use of appropriate

analytical tools, including the use of charts and tables where appropriate. You are expected to demonstrate

that you can use the tools and techniques of strategic analysis presented in the course. Both breadth and

depth of analysis will be
Business Report Structure

1.    Executive Summary

2.    Introduction

3.    Current Situation

4.    External analysis

5.    Internal Analysis
Value Chain
Tows Matrix
Financial Analysis

6.    Industry analysis
Porter’s 5 Forces
Competitor Analysis
Strategic Group Analysis

7.    Objective

8.    Competitive Strategies
Porter’s Generic Strategy

9.    Growth Strategy

10.    Implementation

11.    Evaluation and Control

12.    References


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