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section 1
Answer Question 1A & 1B:
1A,) Explain why islands are especially vulnerable to environmental stresses.
B.) Describe three ways island communities can become resilient communities which are less vulnerable to environmental stresses. Give examples.
each question need half page.
section 2
Answer any THREE of the following questions (be sure to answer all parts of a question):
2.A) Define the “Greenhouse Effect” and explain how it relates to current human activity.
B) Explain how islands are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Give specific examples.
3.A) Briefly describe two major environmental stresses on PEI.
B.) What, in your opinion, are the major barriers to dealing effectively with environmental stresses on P.E.I.? Show by specific examples how these barriers might be overcome.
C.) Based on your group’s photo journal project, describe one new concept you learned about environmental stresses on PEI that struck you as being really important and expanded your awareness.
4.A.) Explain three main ideas you learned from two of the films we saw as part of our course: Six Degrees, Rising Waters, Flow, Power of Community
B.) How did these ideas you outlined above, expand your understanding of environmental stresses on Island communities? Please give examples to support your answer.
5. Describe an “ah-ha moment” you had during our course when you learned a new idea or concept that really helped in your understanding of environmental stresses on islands. ( An ‘aha’ moment is any sudden comprehension or understanding that allows you to see something in a different light).
for section 2 each question need 1 page.
Be sure to write your answers in your own words, and check for accuracy in spelling and grammar. Please keep your answers brief and concise. Give examples where applicable.

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