Problem 2: Research a commonly used, biodegradable, plastic that we did not talk about in class.  Tell
me how it is created, how it is destroyed, and the common products that are made from it.  Also tell
me a little about the different crystal structures the plastic can take as well as how this changes its

Problem 3: Research a product that is made from sand casting and tell me step by step how the
product is made.

Problem 4:  Examine the properties of aluminum and extruded vinyl as they relate to household
window frames.  Discuss the pros and cons of each, considering both ease of manufacture and
performance.  Which would you prefer for Las Cruces, NM?  Would your preference change if you
lived in Hawaii?

Problem 5:  Draw a stress-strain curve for a metal which you think would be very suitable for use as an
axel on an 18 wheeler.  Give a very detailed explanation as to why your curve is most suitable.

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